MoveMakers LAB

MoveMakers started as a two-year Erasmus+ project between five organizations. Forty educational changemakers joined the project with an aim to foster strategic cooperation, share experiences and good practices amongst professionals and explore innovation in entrepreneurial education for adults.
From the beginning, we have seen MoveMakers as a playground for learning and experimentation for adult education practitioners.
At the core of the project was the MoveMakers LAB learning journey - an international learning space for practitioners. The journey consisted of three international LAB Meetings, local Meet-Ups and prototyping time - “Make your Move” - in 2015-2016.

  • Our Approach

    At the core of the MoveMakers Learning LAB program were international meetings with the focus of:

    ● sharing experiences, tools and processes for supporting innovation;
    ● building personal mastery to be a change maker in education;
    ● seeking inspiration from innovators from diverse disciplines;
    ● co-creating new prototypes to be tested and applied in real life.

    Meet-Ups were local gatherings of participants supporting the application of the learning, building personal mastery and prototyping in real life. Make your Move was an invitation to bring alive concrete prototypes, i.e. learning modules, curricula, practical training programs or frameworks for designing new programmes for adult learners.
  • Meet-Ups

    LAB 1 (22-28th of March 2015, the Netherlands) hosted by Dock20, a group of passionate pioneers in education who have initiated IDEAL-Learning.
    LAB 2 (25-31th of October 2015, Denmark) hosted by one of the leading Business and Design schools worldwide - Kaospilot.
    Make Your Move (october 2015 - april 2015) is a period for initiating and testing innovative prototypes of future learning.
    LAB 3 (24-28th of April 2016, Estonia) hosted by Ruumiloojad, an NGO dedicated to bringing participatory leadership culture in all spheres of life.
    The participants explored the future of learning, innovation in education, variety of tools and change processes: U-theory, design-thinking, storytelling, curriculum design, participatory leadership to name a few.
  • Who?

    The program was open to adult education practitioners from variety of fields and contexts, both formal and non-formal, f.e higher or vocational education, community learning, teachers education, non-formal training programmes, corporate training platform etc.

    By adult education practitioners we saw educators who have direct contact with adult learners as trainers, teachers, lectures, process facilitators, curriculum designers and managers who were looking for ways to design new education.

    We had few places for future generation educators who were passionate about bringing positive change into education. We were especially keen on meeting educators who support creativity and entrepreneurial learning opportunities for adults.

Calendar and News

19-22 October, 2016


​The Business Case for Participatory Leadership, Hilversum, The Netherlands

Intense and inspirational 3,5-day training that offers key practices to lead a successful business through working with purpose, trust and collaboration.

29-30th of Sept, 2016


Kaospilot learning festival: Agenda 2016. Aarhus, DK

Agenda is an experimental idea festival hosted by Kaospilot, Denmark. A 2-day playground exploring good ideas through workshops, talks, installations, art, music, food, splendors and unexpected treasures

April 24th/27th, 2016


MoveMakers Walk, a Walk that Moves!

Join us for a MoveMakers Walk in Estonia – to wander around in the company of inspiring people and over the topics that spark from learning, education and innovation!

24th to 28th April, 2016


MoveMakers LAB3, Estonia

MoveMakers LAB3 will take place in Estonia with a focus to present the learnings from testing and developing the prototypes and working on the outputs of the projects.

9th March, 2016


MoveMakers Cafe at Nyenrode Castle, The Netherlands

Everybody who is making a move in education is welcome at the movemaker-cafe! During the program we zoom in at the MoveMakers project, present midterm results an work on questions and projects.

Learning journey


Educational energy gathered in Denmark

From 25th to 31st October MoveMakers LAB2 took place in Denmark. We focused on how to co-create and prototype meaningful learning experiences and connected with great examples in Danish education.



Making the New Happen!

MoveMakers is a platform for deep conversations about learning and education. But not only. It is also space where we develop prototypes – courses, programmes, projects – that reflect what learning in the new age can be.

Danish Folk High Schools


What it means to be human…

200 years later after Grundtvig went to England, MoveMakers travel to a Danish Folk High School to get inspired as did Grundtvig on his journey. What is the role that Danish Folk High Schools are playing in education and society?

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