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Making the New Happen!

MoveMakers developing their prototypes at Samsoe Energy Academy

MoveMakers is a platform for deep conversation about learning and education. It is a place to share ideas and discuss possibilities. Alongside with giving time to dive deep, we also support each other in getting specific. At LAB2 we started to crystallise parts of our findings and view on education and learning. Several prototypes have been developed, in the name of MoveMakers, and will be further developed and tested up until LAB3 in April, 2016. Here is a shortlist of the prototypes we are working on.


A Book of 100 Questions

In MoveMakers we ask each other important and essential questions, and believe that we need to ask these questions, in order to develop the way we think and do education.  What are the questions you would ask as a learner or an educator to challenge the system, to deepen your learning, to explore and discover…

What could school also be?
What builds your confidence?
What do you love about learning?
In which moment of your life have you learned most? Why?

To contribute to the book with your questions, contact David Jul at david(at)


Summer Programme on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

This Summer programme aims at preparing senior students, junior professionals & (potential) change agents in taking the ‘big next step’ in their social entrepreneurial choices, which can have a positive, sustainable impact on their immediate communities and our planet.  The programme will function as a purpose-centered innovation incubator. It will combine input from academic experts and successful social entrepreneurs with working on real prototypes brought in by participants, and professional coaching. The programme is co-created with and will take place in July 2016 at The New World Campus in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Curriculum design at Handshake
Movemakers helped Handshake (an Amsterdam Creative Industries Network project) to the next level with the design of a prototype. Half a year of education was designed using the learning arches that Simon Kavanagh, facilitator at KAOS Pilots, presented. The next day, at Samso, MoveMakers used a game to reflect on the past years of Handshake to learn from it. Two days later the Movemakers were welcomed by Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen in a creative hub called Hive at KAOS Pilots. As leader of Hive he emphasized the importance of students working together with creative entrepreneurs during their studies, though the traditional universities haven’t taken their responsibility yet to set up such a network in which students can participate. Handshake is one of the first initiatives to experiment with building a sustainable relationship between universities of applied sciences and the creative hubs in Amsterdam.

AmsFuture Leaders Lab

is a new leadership and sustainability program for high school students, aimed to train them in the type of capacities we need to address the complex challenges we face in our current society and ignite a change in education at the same time. The 3-month program brings together three elements: (1) a solid understanding of sustainability, (2) personal leadership practices and (3) participatory processes to foster collaboration. A group of ten students per school is challenged to take the rest of the school on a journey towards a fully sustainable school. If all goes well, the first pilot will run March – May in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This project is a collaboration of Willow Tree and Stichting Technotrend and has been greatly supported by the network of MoveMakers.


The Learning Game

What if educators can co-create a learning space in a fun way? And do it together with your colleagues or maybe with your students? MoveMakers felt a strong need for making the complex process of designing learning spaces more sound and simple through a serious game. Every step in the game will bring you and your team closer to the foundation and principles of a challenging and creative learning space (within 50 minutes or a whole day). The game will be developed and co-created during winter, and tested in spring! We hope to release the game in Summer 2016!


Hack your Education
Hack your Education is a pilot program which will be prototyped in Leiden University in Spring 2016. In this programme, students will embark on a journey of self-discovery to identify and design a vision and strategy for their coming years of education. Students will discover their own “Hero’s Journey” by developing a unique and exciting strategy for how they will become the thought leader in their field by they time they graduate.  It is a cooperation between MoveMakers, Jonathan Fritzler (from Education Energy in the USA) and Dock20.

Open Masters

Open Master offers guidance, community and coaching with self directed learning. In peer groups students first design their own personal master ‘curriculum’ around their personal passions and interests. This planning indicates where they are working towards, how they will do this and who they will work with to achieve it. From here students make their own paths and check back in with each other regularly, reflecting on their learning, challenging each other and becoming a community that learns.  The Open Master Programme was presented by Marien Baerveldt from the MoveMakers Dutch team.


The Culture of Welcome 

The German MoveMakers are initiating a three months long prototype to enhance the Culture of Welcome at a comprehensive school in Berlin. After their summer holidays, children, youth and adults with diverse cultural backgrounds (speaking 33 different languages) will experience innovative methods in their new classes that create a welcoming culture for uniqueness and a sense of belonging.
Please contact Gertrud Graf if you are interested in this project:


Drop-out Success Stories

Do you know any school or university drop-outs that nevertheless (or right because of dropping out…) managed to realize their ideas and today are successful and highly acknowledged within society? We will collect their stories, conducting interviews all over Germany. If you would like to tell your story, get in touch with


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Creativity & Innovation Course

After LAB1, three participants from Lithuania – Aurimas Razanauskas, Julius Paplauskas and Justas Kucinskas – co-designed Creativity & Innovation course for undergraduate students at ISM University of Management and Economics. This course aims to create a hands-on learning experience for highly motivated and courageous students, who want to expand their capacity to be creative as well as to work with others in order to co-create innovative solutions to real business problems. The underlying assumption behind this course is that everyone has the capacity to be creative and that the right group dynamics lead to better results in terms of learning as well as in practical achievements. Therefore the course is based on design thinking as one of the most effective tools for group innovation process. It also involves various participatory practices to ensure high student engagement and the development of their leadership skills. Most of the learning happens through combination of workshops, lectures and by working in groups with real business clients to meet their real life business challenges.


Stay tuned for the success, failures and lessons learned of the MoveMakers initial prototypes! Experience from the first testing and development of the prototypes will be shared in LAB3 in Estonia in April, 2016. There will be an event open for all interested parties, write to Piret Jeedas for more info.

If you are interested or would like to participate in any of the prototypes, please contact Piret Jeedas at piret(at) and we will link you to the project holder.


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