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24th to 28th April, 2016

MoveMakers LAB3, Estonia

MoveMakers are gathering for the last LAB in Estonia on April 24-28, 2016

During the last year “MoveMakers: Co-Creating New Ways of Learning” has brought together close to 40 adult education practitioners from five countries –  Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany to explore, experiment, create and share what innovation in learning and education looks like. We have seen MoveMakers as a playground, a lab, a think tank, a support group for people passionate about learning!

We started our journey in The Netherlands in March 2015 by asking ourselves: what does the current field of learning in its diversity look like? We continued in Denmark in October, still reflecting and deepening our understandings and sensing future emerging possibilities, but also diving into co-creating and prototyping new learning experiences. During the last months since LAB2 we have been testing some of the new courses, programs, events, approaches and will come together for one last MoveMakers LAB in Estonia from 24th to 28th of April to share the experience and findings from the testing phase. We are also at the “end” of our current journey (which might just be the beginning of a next one!), so we ask ourselves what have we learned and how to take it further?

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