B. Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam is a co-working space in an old IBM building in Amsterdam. “We bring entrepreneurship within everyone’s reach by providing our spaces, right toolset and social environment.”

B.Amsterdam says about itself:

“The Digital revolution changed the way things work. The way we listen to music, watch tv, interact with each other. It created new possibilities, new ways to create your own future. It makes your voice louder, your art seen, your opinion valued.  Traditional companies struggle, while startups flourish and bloom. It’s a time were you can challenge the system with little means. Where a good idea can grow into a million euro business. You just have to be at the right time, in the right place.

B. is building things, break bread, bouncing of ideas on each other. Being able to do stuff you love and make a business out of it.
B. is formerly IBM and we still think that the I is important, it’s about finding common ground. Sharing values, tools, space, knowledge, technology, a place where you can change the future.”

Be up to date with what’s happening at B. Amsterdam: http://www.b.amsterdam, https://www.facebook.com/B.BuildingBusiness

MoveMakers visited B. Amsterdam during LAB1 in March 2015 in The Netherlands