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What’s love got to do with it?

I was travelling to our first MoveMakers preparation meeting in Berlin when one question hit my face from an advertisement in a travel magazine: “Is a cold weather alert a warning or an invitation?”.
The way how this question was posed made me think about many other questions I am sitting with as an educator: what is the future of learning? How can we create meaningful spaces for inquiry, creativity, problem-solving? And what is our role in it as educators no matter what is the context of working?

There are so many people around the world – visionaries, dreamers, does, practitioners – who are asking the same questions. Because they care about teaching, learning and education and they are looking for ways to make it relevant for an uncertain future. Thus, are the questions or challenges in the field of education a warning or an invitation? A warning that stops us from reimagining the whole approach to learning and education? Or rather an invitation to co-create more innovative learning opportunities?

MoveMakers is an invitation to reimagine the future of learning. It is a creative platform that emerged among people passionate about learning and innovation. It is an experimental playground for adult education professionals to take bold and innovative steps in shifting education and learning environment. We explore alternative ways of learning, connect inspiring people, share tools and stories, co-create new initiatives that can be tested in real life. We practise an open heart, open mind and open hands approach in finding out what is needed to make shifts happen in education. What we already know, is that a technical “5-year-plan” approach might not work and more open and emergent approach is needed. Therefore we journey along the U-process as one possible approach in creating innovation.

We dream that hosting innovation in education would be a new norm. That there is a growing number of creative and brave people who have the ability to co-create new initiatives. Meaningful learning spaces emerge in different contexts and learners shape their own unique education path. We have a generation of curious minds, creative thinkers and doers, smart problem solvers with entrepreneurial spirit. We go along with the thought by Peter Senge, that sometimes the smartest thing is to “do something really small in your context to make a difference, but to do it with great love”. MoveMakers is an invitation to practice small shifts in education with an open heart.

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Piret Jeedas
space creator

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