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MoveMakers in Estonia


Estonian MoveMakers team has had two group meet-ups and one dissemination event called “MoveMakers LAB inspires, vol 1”.

The latter took place on the 2nd of June in Tallinn University and brought together 25 head teachers, professors, trainers and other adult education professionals as well as people involved in education development from NGOs, universities and the Ministry of Education. The team shared the highlights from LAB1 in Holland – places we visited, what inspired and provoked our thoughts.

We further reflected on what does it say about the future of learning and how to bring the new into life. Finally we took some time to brainstorm on how could those developments find their way into the teacher training programmes at Tallinn University Teachers Academy to support the teachers in acquiring the new skills and attitudes needed.

During the local meet-ups the team has identified the following themes to work on and to potentially develop into prototypes:

  • innovative 9 months training program for school leaders
  • prototyping participatory learning culture in organization, both a large business and a small NGO
  • open a “dream-school” as a one-week course

We have also decided to invest in our own skills development of facilitating change processes by taking courses on participatory leadership and graphic visualisation over the next 6 months.

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MoveMakers in Germany


The German MoveMakers group started off cultivating a playful approach to the big questions surrounding innovation in education. After all, why not dedicating oneself to a serious challenge with a certain ease in order to maintain the joy of it? Playing the Flow game helped us to approach each other and the learning challenges we face, in a light and supportive way.

The potential we see in the MoveMakers project and in the country group can be resumed by statements as:

  • Our expectation is to experience a living, diverse community, within which questions around learning, innovation, future and purpose can be observed in quite different ways.
  • We want to gain clarity about our postures and find translations of our thinking and rationalizing into other working and living contexts. Contexts that are not always familiar with the academia-bubble-debates.
  • We are not looking for networks, but for relationships.
  • It would be wonderful to strengthen communities of alternative / non-formal learning practice and support them in unveiling their very personal link to the topics they deal with.
  • The new way of learning and living together exceeds the cognitive realm. It is also about embodying what we cherish, about heads, hands and hearts. Considering this, we want to contribute to preparing people to deal with the very new qualities of challenges we will face in the next 10 years.
  • What could a school also be? Beyond the all too well known classrooms and exams? We would like to explore this question through reflections on lifelong experiences within the education sector.

So far a boiling topic within the German country group is how we can transfer and bring the vivid and nourishing togetherness of the learning community we experience within MoveMakers, to other people and institutions. Another desire is to exchange on the purpose of: What are we actually learning for? What should education aim at in the light of a globalized world with all its social and environmental challenges?

To explore these questions, we dedicated precious time to dig deep and honestly into our thoughts and believes. We have further discussed these issues with some of our fellow MoveMakers from Estonia, Lithuania and the Netherlands during the Berlin meeting in July.

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MoveMakers in Netherlands


The complete Dutch team met on the 27th of May at the Freedom Lab, Amsterdam. Our main goal was to get to know each other better through exploring the questions: who are we? what do we dream about? what do we need to realise it? In our next meeting – a ‘Beach Cafe’ before the summer break in the Dunes of The Hague – we will work on specific themes and elaborate on our contribution for LAB2.

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MoveMakers in Lithuania


Lithuanian team had several meet–ups in Vilnius to discuss the key insights from the LAB1. The leading ideas were that the whole team understood how important the physical space is for learning process and that we all want to create an alternative learning space – the second home, the playground for people to learn and teach.

Aurimas Razanauskas presented “Move Makers” project to 200 people in the event “Hub Camp. Recharging education”. Also, the developing relationships between Lithuanian team are resulting in new co-created projects. As an example – a new study program in one of the Lithuanian universities is being developed by three MoveMakers from Lithuanian team. T

MoveMakers has already resulted in new international cooperation projects – for example the Tallinn University and a university in Holland are partnering with the new teachers school in Lithuania, run by the members of Kuriančios bendruomenės.

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