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25-31th of October 2015


LAB 2 is part of MoveMakers LAB learning programme and takes us to Denmark from 25th to 31st of October, 2015. It will be hosted by Kaospilot, one of the leading innovative Business and Design schools that offers a multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship. After sensing the field of education and learning, we focus on innovation in education and how to design learning that follows the needs and challenges that today’s learners have. We will also dig deeper into our personal interests in co-creating something new – it is time to start going into making-mood and create some first prototypes in collaboration with Kaospilot students.

More about Kaospilot
The KaosPilot program is a 3-year education divided into four disciplines: 
Creative Business Design;  
Creative Leadership Design;
Creative Project Design;
Creative Process Design. 

The students learn how to build a viable business according to their and clients visions and values, they learn how to be leaders, and how to initiate and execute creative and sustainable projects, as well as design and organisational change processes for different clients.
The KaosPilots was founded in 1991 in Århus, Denmark. It grew out of a youth organization called the Front Runners, a truly novel initiative, who worked with cultural and social projects.
The KaosPilots is a self-governing institution comprised of two parts: the school and a consultancy.  The purpose of the KaosPilots is “positive social change through personal growth”.
The consultancy offers the same capabilities that are offered to the students to companies, NGO’s and public organizations, but adapted to suit their specific need.
The program is a three-year long education where the focus lies upon learning by doing through client assignments, from entrepreneurs, consultants, leaders and thought leaders.
The program consists of the disciplines Creative Enterprising Design, Creative Project Design, Creative Process Design and Creative Leadership Design and the education is designed around and operates according to the values Streetwise, Risk-taking, Balance, Compassion, Real World and Playful.
Purpose: The purpose of the KaosPilot School is to create positive societal change through personal growth and enterprise

Mission:  We strive to qualify the student vocationally as well as personally to thrive interdependently by developing their knowledge, skills and attitudes as pro-active learners, value-based leaders and sustainable entrepreneurs, for the benefit of themselves and society as a whole.


* David Jul, a Kaospilot student coordinating the LAB2 together with Simon Kavanagh, Kaospilot International development & Education design

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