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22-28th of March 2015

LAB 1: Planting the seeds for the future of learning 

The Dutch team is very excited to host the first MoveMakers LAB!

Next week, 32 educators, facilitators and innovators from 5 different countries, will explore the challenges education is facing nowadays and search for ways in which education can be transformed. The key questions we will explore are: What is really happening in the field of learning and education? What does it tell about the future of learning?  What can we do in order to start re-shaping and creating what is needed for our project to blossom?

We will do this through  mapping and sensing the current and future field of learning in its diversity. For that purpose, we will visit different organisations which are relevant to the field of innovation of Education in The Netherlands: the RDM Campus in Rotterdam, The University and the Dutch School in Amsterdam, Young Innovators in Utrecht and Leiden University of Applied Sciences.

We are really looking forward to connect our findings to our personal questions and experience as educators. The rich variety of participants’ background and expertise will allow us to go beyond the ‘usual’ ways of seeing the world. The co-travelers form a diverse mixture of education consultants, teachers (from both formal and informal education), change-makers, businesses and more!

We will focus on building the relationships that can help build and sustain our international community of innovators. Next to the field visits, the building blocks of LAB 1 will include co-hosting, storytelling and exploring the field through different approaches and methods and most importantly, through building the bridges and co-creating initiatives that will form the base for the rest of our learning journey.

In short, LAB 1 is an experimental space, where expertise, curiosity and enthusiasm for the unknown find a fertile playground where everything is possible!

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